An overview of Dr. Bokhari's activities over the last 30 years

Multicore & Multithreaded Systems
  • Working at Ohio State, developed a powerful algorithm for image segmentation on the Cray Xmt massively multithreaded supercomputer at Pacific Northwest Labs.

Bokhari, S.H., Catalyurek, U.V. and Gurcan, M.N. (2014). Massively Multithreaded Maxflow for ImageSegmentation on the Cray XMT-2. Concurr. & Comput.: Pract. &Exper., 25, 2836-2855.
  • Developed an innovative algorithm for DNA sequencing on future generation sequencers. (University of Colorado and San Diego Supercomputing Center).

Bokhari, S.H., and Sauer, J.R. (2005). A Parallel Graph Decomposition Algorithm for DNA Sequencing with Nanopores. Bioinformatics, 21, 889-896.
  • Demonstrated the power of multithreaded computing for unstructured problems. (Nasa Langley Center & Univ. of Colorado).

Bokhari, S.H., Mavriplis, D and Elton, B. (2000).The Tera Multithreaded Architecture and Unstructured Meshes, pdf.
Parallel & Distributed Computing
  • Analyzed the practical performance of the complete exchange algorithm on the Intel Paragon supercomputer installed at Nasa Ames Center.

Bokhari, S.H., and Nicol, D.M. (1997). Balancing Contention and Synchronization on the Intel Paragon. IEEE Concurrency. 5, 75-83.
  • Developed an optimized version of the complete exchange algorithm at Nasa Langley Center. This speeded up a very dense intercommunication step for message passing parallel computers.

Bokhari, S.H. (1996). Multiphase Complete Exchange: A Theoretical Analysis. IEEE Trans. Computers. 45, 220-229.
  • Identified and solved several key algorithmic problems for parallel computers at Nasa Langley Center.

Bokhari, S.H. (1988). Partitioning Problems in Parallel, Pipelined and Distributed Computing. IEEE Trans. Computers. 37, 48-57.
  • Implemented a parallel code for a shared memory computer at Nasa Langley Center.

Erlebacher, G., Bokhari, S.H., and Hussaini, M.Y. (1990). Parallelization of a Three-Dimensional Compressible Transition Code. AIAA Journal, 28, 83-90.
  • Identified a central problem in parallel computing; developed and tested an algorithm for its solution (Nasa Langley Center)

Bokhari, S.H. (1981). On the Mapping Problem. IEEE Trans. Computers, 30, 207-214.
  • Carried out a detailed comparison of two massively multithreaded computers (Ohio State & Pacific Northwest Labs)

Bokhari, S.H., and Bokhari, S.S. (2013). A comparison of the Cray XMT and XMT-2. Concurr. & Comput.: Pract. & Exper., 25,2013−2139.
  • Developed a scheme for evaluating the performance of massively multithreaded machines (Ohio State & Pacific Northwest Labs).

Bokhari, S. H., and Saltz, J.H. (2010). Exploring the Performance of Massively Multithreaded Architectures. Concurr. & Comput.: Pract. & Exper., 22, 588-616.
  • Carried out an exhaustive benchmarking analysis of a mass storage system at Ohio Supercomputer Center.

Bokhari, S.H., Rutt, B., Wyckoff, P., Buerger, P. (2006). Experimental analysis of a mass storage system. Concurr. & Comput.: Pract. & Exper.,18, 1929-1950.